Is itunesbalance.com real or a fake?

- Our service is real and safe to use and gives you the chance to generate your own iTunes card code from the comfort of your home! iTunes codes, that have been claimed on our site, are indistinguishable from official stores and even withstand manual security reviews. We work meticulously to ensure a safe and reliable service at all times.

How many iTunes codes can I get?

- New users have a chance to generate ONE iTunes card code per day. Users who've been active for more than 30 days are subject to an increased limit of 5 iTunes codes per day. Users who've been inactive for 30 days are removed from our database. iTunes code generator has gained high popularity in a short period, many worldwide users have this amazing service in their nrowser bookmarks.

Is PayPal required to generate iTunes code?

- No! In a human verification system, some offers from our sponsors accept payments or PayPal funds. These alternate methods allow you to generate iTunes code in the most convenient method available to you. An easy method for verification is to use offers like email submit or downloads. When you completing offers use only real information, any fake info can cause to not receive the confirmation email.

I am using Mobile Device. Can I continue on my system?

- Yes! All mobile phones are also available through the iTunes code giveaway service. The game does not end after you complete all steps in the generator options - this service allows you to generate iTunes codes again and again.

I just complete human verification. When will I receive email with my iTunes Code?

- If you complete human verification through the mobile phone pin submit or email submit then your confirmation email should be sent immediately in an e-mail message to your e-mail. If the message does not arrive within an hour, please check your spam folder and make sure you have provided the correct e-mail address during human verification or offer completion.

Do I need to register?

There is currently no registration or download required to use our service. In an effort to control the (ab)use of our online tool are all users asked to participate in a short verification during their first visit. iTunes code generator works perfectly and has been tested on more than 1 thousand different devices. The verification takes 1-2 minutes to complete and is only required during a user's first visit.

Who are you and how is this possible?

We're changing things up all the time, but if you want to get in on the latest iTunes code giveaways, you'll never have to look any further than right here. Generate your own iTunes gift card code from our website! Our goal is to provide free iTunes codes to every user as often as possible so we develop this awesome online generator website!
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